Turlough + Tea = OTP

A graphic I did a while back for my RP pal's birthday.

Skin grows over my mistakes
And I just can't wait
The first few seconds
Disintegrate into a state of joy

So I run to a space on the horizon
There make a bed for us to lie on
We won't describe even though we will try
What it's like to be smiling in open air

I play Turlough, she kingzgurl plays Alonso. They're in love yay.

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Title: Feat of Clay
Summary: Five, Nyssa, Tegan, and Turlough visit ancient China, but there's more there than tea. For starters, there's an army of walking clay statues, two thousand strong... and they want Turlough. Adventure, original flavor, friendship, pseudohistorical.
Rating: Gen. No romance.
Pairing: None.
Disclaimer: #include <standard_disclaimer.h>

It is hosted on ff.net.

Turlough 'facts'

Turlough facts:

1. The party doesn't start until Turlough walks in.

2. Turlough is everything Leatherpants!Draco wants to be but isn't.

3. Turlough knows where the Doctor keeps his porn

4. Turlough started naked Thursday on the TARDIS

5. Turlough found the Doctor's stash

6. Turlough was going to wear leather pants but The Doctor mentions they were going to the beach.

7. Turlough is has no soul

9. Turlough can kill with a hatstand.

10. Turlough told your Mum, Thanks.

11. Turlough told your Dad thanks as well.

12. Turlough is far superior to any earth twink.

13. Turlough stole the biscuits from the biscuit jar. Tegan blamed the Doctor.

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Christmas Attack (5/Turlough, PG-13, WC: 441)

Title: Christmas Attack
Author: mahmfic
Fandom: Doctor Who.
Pairing(s): 5/Turlough
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 441
Warnings: Spoilers for 'Day One' of Torchwood. Set sometime between 'Resurrection of the Daleks' and 'Planet of Fire'. Crack.
Notes: This is a Holiday Advent drabble for perfectchici. She requested 5/Turlough and the prompt 'Five gets a Christmas present but it's one of those sex aliens from Torchwood. So Turlough has to stop him from going all explody' . I hope you enjoy this! Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Summary: The Doctor and Turlough get into some Christmas trouble.
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Hello! Anna here, decided not to lurk. I have no talent for the visual arts, and I can't write fanfic to save my life, but I am an appreciator of Turlough.

I'm a fan from waaaaaaay back, watching Doctor Who on public television in upstate New York in the early '90s. I do so like ginger, even if Mark Strickson isn't a natural ginger (well, neither am I, but most can't tell, hehe).

I decided way back then that Turlough was totally Five's rentboy. Although I did once have an....interesting dream about Turlough *wink wink*, which I duly recorded in my LJ. I got a big ewwwwww. *sigh* Guess I'd been hitting the slashfic and the Black Guardian Trilogy a little too heavily.

Anyway, hi, I'll go back to lurking now, and appreciating the ginger!
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I guess this is sort of an introduction post. My name's Boom and I've been a longtime fan of Turlough.

In any case, it's not the greatest thing in the world, but I thought some other Turlough fans might like to a see a fanart :) I drew it a bit ago, before I knew there were others out there like me, how love that wonderfully arrogant ginger of ours <3