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Hello! Anna here, decided not to lurk. I have no talent for the visual arts, and I can't write fanfic to save my life, but I am an appreciator of Turlough.

I'm a fan from waaaaaaay back, watching Doctor Who on public television in upstate New York in the early '90s. I do so like ginger, even if Mark Strickson isn't a natural ginger (well, neither am I, but most can't tell, hehe).

I decided way back then that Turlough was totally Five's rentboy. Although I did once have an....interesting dream about Turlough *wink wink*, which I duly recorded in my LJ. I got a big ewwwwww. *sigh* Guess I'd been hitting the slashfic and the Black Guardian Trilogy a little too heavily.

Anyway, hi, I'll go back to lurking now, and appreciating the ginger!
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