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Kiss of Death and Turlough's timeline
by TamLover (tamlover)
at July 8th, 2011 (02:28 pm)

Well, his timeline was all jumbled from Planet of Fire, so I cannot say that Kiss of Death made it any worse.

From my own impression I'd have to go with time travel as our explanation of why Turlough was a serving officer when Malkon was an infant and their apparent ages later. I know that very idea has been proposed before, but I think this gives it additional weight. The war isn't over yet in KoD and Turlough was an adolescent 3 years ago. As for Lomand not being surprised at Turlough's age, I guess it's fill-in-the-blank on your explanation. I'm going to go with him knowing Turlough was traveling with a time traveler for the moment.

On a sidenote, it seems like there was a line about Turlough's father and brother and that he didn't know what had become of them (or indicated something other than the colony planet), but for the life of me, I can't recall the specifics. Can anyone else?

Now I can't promise I didn't miss a line or two and end up getting completely the wrong idea, but those are my thoughts.


Posted by: Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof)
Posted at: July 8th, 2011 10:30 pm (UTC)

I assumed that Kiss of Death was pretty much concurrent to Turlough's leaving St Brendan/travelling with the Doctor, so at the time his count of his own age was roughly correct.

But, though it's not made explicit, Planet of Fire has to be 12-15 years after Turlough left St Brendans, so assuming that 2-5 years of that was travelling with the Doctor, there has to be a jump of at least 10 years in there. However, assuming Lonand didn't know Turlough well, the difference between early 20s and early 30s might not be that noticeable.

Big Finish was kind enough to give download subscribers a copy of the script, so the line is:

My mother was killed. My father and brother were forced to run who-knows-where. I was the lucky one. An exile on a backward planet.

Interestingly, the script isn't the final version and among the lines changed is the one where he says how long it's been since he and Deela saw each other so that the line that was actually used was much more specific.

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