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drabble: attraction (5th doctor/turlough, r)

Title: Attraction
Author: mahmfic
Pairing(s): 5th Doctor/Turlough
Rating: R
Word Count: 649
Warnings: Set during the Black Guardian Trilogy (aka spoilers). Slash.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Summary: The Black Guardian gives Turlough a new task.

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I kind of want to move to New Zealand and study Zoology now...

Aha... hi there... *waves* I've been lurking in the corners for about a week now... I've been meaning to go all 'hey guys what's up I've got cool socks on today' (they are freaking awesome, black and white striped with bananas. trufax.) but managed to be doing something else all the time. Anyway, here I am now, so it's all cool.
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more arts and a question re: fic lists

I made some other art-doodling.  I feel bad posting here when the last two posts were me too, but I'm hoping it's okay?  You guys certainly appreciate the content more than my watchers on dA, who are still shell shocked from me leaving my last fandom.  The posts are days and days apart, at and rate.   

One doodle of Turlough and the Doctor switching outfits for no reason at all and another of them with an outrageously glow-y alien plant.

Also, I know I'm sounding like the new kid/the overly enthusiastic Chihuahua that will later need to have its spirit broken down to resemble something more like resigned complacency, but I wonder if anyone here knows of the fates of the old master fic lists.   I've run into several for the Doctor and Turlough that were linked to, but they're all either forbidden, deleted or generally 404'd.   Are there any still alive? Are there secret back-ups of any of them?    Is there any liklihood that I'd find something I hadn't already read if I saw the lists anyway?


An art!

I have another snip of art to share! Hopefully two days later is not too soon to make another post...

Turlough and the Doctor in some kind of amusement park, possibly checking out fireworks, possibly watching a planet explode.  Who knows?!     I'm kind of ridiculously prone to arting lately.   The slightest flicker of an idea sends me spiraling into Photoshop for hours.  Theoretically, you benefit from this.

Hope you enjoy!


Soooo, hi.    I'm Lady Yate-xel and I have about a million introductions/excuses/whatever that I could pair with my first post here, but I think I'll spare you all and just get right down to this arting business.  

I'm sort of new to the "People Who Enjoy Turlough Club," as in I may have first seen him only about three weeks ago, but it has been a very productive three weeks and I come bringing art!   This all comes from my extreme enjoyment of the Big Finish Doctor Who audios with the Doctor and Turlough. 

Here! is art inspired from the Phantasmagoria audio - approximate period appropriate loaned clothing for Turlough included.

That's the fancy one, but here is a collection of doodles from 'Singularity' and here are just some general sketches and trying to figure stuff out.


Malkon's name

Forgive me if this had been discussed before - I perused the archive and didn't see it.

Does anyone else think Malkon's birth name is not Malkon? I'd think if it was, then Turlough would have mentioned the name among his reasons for believing Malkon was his brother.

And it seems reasonable enough that if was an infant he couldn't tell them his name.

So, anyway, I was just wondering if I'd forgotten any line/scene that indicated one way or the other on whether or not it was his birth name.