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The Temple of Turlough

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Welcome to the only LJ community dedicated to the wonder that is Vislor Turlough. First appearing in the Doctor Who story 'Mawdryn Undead,' he travelled with the Doctor for two years, finally leaving in 'Planet of Fire.' We welcome anyone who is a Turlough fan, so feel free to join and introduce yourself :)

  • Everything is welcome here, from artwork and fanfic, to discussion and comedic screencaps.
  • Please use an LJ-cut when posting any pictures, fics and more than 3 icons.
  • Everything Turlough related is welcome. He is very slashable, so we welcome anything you wish to post :)
  • Anything PG-13 or over must be LJ-cut and labelled with a warning.
  • No character bashing! We like Turlough. If you don't, why are you here?

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earthshocked - an Adric community

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